Dreams never need to be researched, so
Last night I knew flawless Portuguese
I spoke in particle physics and Boileau
And understood the motions of the seas

At candled sundown, language sheds its furs
Evening cradles a wide coherence
And something in the deepest cavern stirs —
The logic of the words that have no sense

On pillowcases, memories burn free
Cricketsongs recall old shames, remind:
I used to practice being happy
And practice smiling — at the same time

—Jenny Lyn Bader

Author’s note: I will read “Fluency” as part of the upcoming free livestreamed audio theatre event Play in Your Bathtub: An Immersive Audio Spa. Updates here: https://www.thisisnotatheatrecompany.com/play-in-your-bathtub

Putting the Fringe Back into Copyright Infringement

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Why you should watch your conversations, especially the ones about what you’re writing

Talking is a hydrant in the yard and writing is a faucet upstairs in the house. Opening the first takes the pressure off the second. —Robert Frost

The first time I came across this description by Robert Frost, I felt like crying tears of relief. (Except who knows what that…

Jenny Lyn Bader

is a playwright + essayist uncomfortable with one-sentence summaries of the self. More: www.jennylynbader.com. Follow @JennyLynBader.

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